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  1. Thank you for creating your website. I used to belong to a temple in Vista California and consider the sangha as a treasured gift. 10 years ago I moved to Oregon and the closest Jodo Shinshu temple is a two hour drive away and I have missed having a place to think about things that mean a lot to me.
    I showed my husband your discussion of arigatai and motainai, two beautiful concepts. I have looked for discussions of the words in their Buddhist context but this was the first I’ve found words that described my own understanding and even grounded them more deeply. I will be printing it out to have on my desk when I feel the Western culture of mindless consumerism and entitlement.
    As a healer I often here people speak of deserving this and that, on an on, and my thoughts always devolve into that we have done nothing to deserve the prosperity and deference that are virtually worshiped in my community and in the world. I am grateful for the privilege and resources that I have in the world, but I also know that it is motainai.
    Thank you again for refreshing my memory.


    1. Vista Buddhist Temple! I was born and grew up in Los Angeles and attended Senshin Buddhist Temple until moving to Japan. Thank you for your comment, I’m very pleased that you found the post meaningful. It has taken me many years to truly appreciate what my grandma was teaching me as child!


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