Have Dharma, Will Travel (日本語は英語の後)

Beginning tomorrow, I am privileged to be allowed to conduct ‘Bon Mairi’ services in the homes of 60 families over the next six days.

In Japan, the Obon season is one of the busiest times of the year for Buddhist priests, as the tradition is to conduct services in the home, unlike Hawaii where people typically gather at the temple for a shared service.

In the famous heat and humidity of a Kyoto summer, I will be riding a bicycle through the streets of Kyoto from morning to evening, covering 20-30 kilometers every day.

I will be chanting the Sanbujo invocation and Amida-Kyo sutra, and reciting the Shonin Ichiryu-sho in the formal style while sitting seiza for 30 minutes at each of ten homes every day for six days.

Such an inconceivable chain of causes and conditions, and the compassion and wisdom of so many great teachers, have guided me to this remarkable opportunity to express gratitude for leading me to discover true purpose and profound meaning in this unrepeatable life.

I can only bow my head, put my hands together, and say Namo Amida Butsu for this unique chance to begin to repay my debt of gratitude for the great compassion and wisdom of Amida Buddha.







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