Meditation Script: Waterfall


Let’s begin a guided meditation.

Please settle down and get comfortable. Loosen your clothing and take off your shoes if you like.

Sit up with back naturally straight, not too tense, not too loose.

Place both feet flat on the ground.

Lay your hands comfortably in your lap. Form a circle with both thumbs with tips almost but not quite touching.

Relax the muscles of your face to form a gentle smile, as if you were greeting a child for the first time.

Close your eyes gently…and breathe in deeply.

Focus on the out-breath as you exhale slowly.

Keep exhaling softly until the last bit of air is released, taking away all the tension in your neck, back, and shoulders.

Inhale naturally, gently, slowly, until your lungs are completely filled with air.

Now slowly exhale, focusing on the out-breath as the stress in your body is released into the air, floating away from you.

When the last bit of air is released, inhale naturally, gently, and slowly.

Feel your lungs fill with air, slightly scented with the aroma of incense, which purifies your mind and body, releasing your attachment to your ego-self, soothing your inner spirit, freeing you to wander freely during this meditation.

Focus on the out-breath as you exhale slowly, and your worries simply slip away into the air, as if they never existed.

As you breathe slowly with eyes closed, you hear the sound of rushing water.

You walk gracefully toward the sound of the water, taking the time to truly see and feel your surroundings.

You can feel a deep connection with all the forms of life in the forest.

As you walk, floating above the forest floor, you sense the quality of the air changing, an electrifying feeling as if the air were charged with energy.

When you walk around a huge tree, the light suddenly becomes brighter.

You have emerged from the forest and are now facing a waterfall.

Breathe in slowly, savoring the sparkling freshness of the air here in front of the waterfall.

The mist from the waterfall settles on your skin, cooling your body, relaxing every muscle, invigorating all of your senses.

You sit down gracefully on a large rock directly facing the waterfall and gaze at the water’s edge.

The energy of the waterfall sends small waves toward shore and you watch the waves come forward, then recede, in an endless pattern that is symmetric, rhythmic, and calming.

Shift your gaze slowly to where the water falls into the pool at the base of the waterfall.

You see bubbles form, some large, some small, some almost indistinct.

The bubbles merge together to create a foam that floats, then dissipates, as it approaches the shore, carried by the current.

When the bubbles pop, the air inside is released, charged with the energy of the water that has traveled great distances to the waterfall.

Inhale slowly, and feel the energy of the waterfall transferred into your body.

You feel completely relaxed, yet totally invigorated, filled with the energy of the Earth, Wind, and Water.

Focus on your out-breath, as each molecule of air leaves your body and disappears into the mist, drawing out all the negative energy in your body.

Inhale slowly, enjoying this moment, while watching the bubbles form, then dissipate into the water.

You stand up slowly, and walk gracefully to the water’s edge.

Breathe in deeply, you have all the time you need.

You walk slowly into the water.

The water is cool to the touch, not cold, soothing your mind, relaxing your body.

You are standing in the water, which is now up to your hips.

Breathe in and savor the life-giving energy of the air.

As you continue walking forward, let the water fall directly on to your head, neck, shoulders, chest, and back, and all the tension in your body simply disappears.

You sense how each drop of water is different, each having traveled a different path to reach you; and yet the drops of water come together as one flowing stream to form the waterfall gently massaging your neck and shoulders.

In your mind’s eye, you see how the water falls from the top of the waterfall, crashes into the rocks, then gathers and flows from the pool, reflecting the light of the Sun, and forming the streams that flow toward the forest, providing water so the plants and trees can grow.

You now see the energies of Light, Water, Wind, and Earth come together as one to sustain Life, creating the causes and conditions for the verdant forest, which is filled with every form of Life.

You now see that all Life is connected by the energy of Light, Water, Wind, and Earth.

You now see that all Life is created by connections, nurtured by mutual dependence, constantly changing, yet constantly growing.

It is now time to return home.

You pause to enjoy one last, slow in-breath, savoring the energized feeling that causes your body to glow with happiness.

As you walk out of the pool formed by the waterfall, you feel cleansed, purified, and completely tranquil.

You have been reborn, given a new opportunity to cherish this unrepeatable life.

Your mind is at peace, your body is relaxed, your vision crystal clear. The birds sing in the trees, and little animals scurry about playfully celebrating the joy of life.

Butterflies trace graceful arcs through the sunlight, and flowers blossom, scenting the air with calming fragrances of nature.

As the sound of the waterfall recedes into the distance, you are filled with gratitude, a profound appreciation for your Life, a thankfulness for your connection to all forms of Life and the power you receive from Light, Wind, Water, and Earth.

Your mind is at peace, your body completely relaxed, and you breathe naturally, totally in this moment, as each step takes you down the path you are meant to travel.

There is no fear, no doubt, no worries now.

Pause and savor this moment of peace and tranquility.

Sit quietly, and enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing.

Soon the gong will sound, calling to you, and you will slowly open your eyes to see clearly that this world is a mirror of the world you discovered in the waterfall.

(count 10 breaths, then ring the gong gently)


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