The Truth of Impermanence is Found in ‘Ohana

The Truth of Impermanence is Found in ‘Ohana

The Teachings of Buddha awaken us to the Truth that all things are not permanent, that constant change is the natural way of things, that all conditioned things shall eventually cease to exist.

Our self-centered desire for things to remain the way they are is the cause of all suffering, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, discontent, ennui, boredom, anxiety, depression, stress, alienation, and despair.

Our egocentric, clinging attachment to the illusion of Self, the self-satisfaction we feel when things are convenient or pleasurable, when we get what we want, is what causes us to compare, to judge, to need to feel superior over others.

The bondage of selfishness is why, when things are inconvenient, unsatisfying or painful, we blame others, hate others, we rage with anger, and even take life without thinking.

The Truth: Life is neither convenient or inconvenient, pleasurable or painful, good or bad.

Life just is.

And yet…

The gift of ‘ohana teaches us that although nothing stays the same, the love of family, friends, and community has always supported us, guided us, consoled us, cheered us on, and wished for our happiness.

The gift of ‘ohana reminds us that our time in this world is limited, that we do not exist in a vacuum, that our thoughts, words, and actions affect others, and indeed all forms of life.

The gift of ‘ohana obliges us to be kind and gentle to every living thing, to protect all those who are weaker than ourselves, to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words, and to do pure and beautiful deeds because we know in our hearts that we are all connected and mutually-dependent, never alone, never abandoned, never without hope.

The gift of ‘ohana awakens us to our unlimited limitations, our total dependence upon others, and our true nature as ego-centric, foolish human beings living lives of quiet desperation.

Awakening to the Truth of Impermanence liberates us from the bondage of selfishness, freeing us to live a life that is true and real, joyfully serving others first, helping others without any expectation of recognition or reward, and truly appreciating the kind and gentle presences in our lives.

Awakening to great Compassion-Wisdom constantly and continuously supporting and guiding our lives, we put our palms together in gasshō and say Namo Amida Butsu in joy and gratitude for ‘ohana, aloha, and mahalo in this unrepeatable life.

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