The Things We Keep #4: “Layla” Lighter

Mimy and I had our first date in 1981 at Layla in the Jiyugaoka area of Tokyo.

For our first date, we both brought dictionaries: Japanese-English for me, English-Japanese for Mimy.

Despite the language barrier, we fell in love and so I studied harder, we kept dating, and my Japanese became fluent, which became the basis of two decades as an ex-pat executive in Japan, then China.

I remember Mimy drinking Wild Turkey with a splash of water, which I’d never had before. So I ordered one, and then another, and Mimy proceeded to drink me under the table for the first of many times.

More than 33 years later, the lighter still works, despite the years and bumps in the road, just like the love we share.

It’s not the things, it’s the memories.

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